Vicky Sinclair, Holger Dürer, and Oliver and Nicholas Sinclair Dürer

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picture of Vicky, Holger, Oliver & NicholasOn these pages you will find information relating to Vicky, Holger and Oliver and Nicholas.


11 June 2004:A few more pictures on the Oliver and Nicholas page

31 May 2004: Finally pictures of Nicholas!

7 May 2004: Nicholas is born!

12 Apr. 2004:Again new pictures on Oliver's page.

25 Jan. 2004:Check out Oliver's page... lots of new pictures.

5 Sept. 2003:Lots of new pictures on Oliver's page and two new ones on the Family page.

15 Jun. 2003: Added the missing pictures from the Spreewald and a few more recent ones from June.

14 Jun. 2003: New pictures of Oliver.

13 Jan. 2003: There are plenty new pictures (at last) on Oliver's page .
There is also a new page with miscellaneous pictures (currently with pictures of Louisa).

17 Nov. 2002: We moved a lot of older things from Oliver's page to a separate page.
There is also a new page with miscellaneous pictures (currently Guy's & Lydia's housewarming party).

21 Sep. 2002: Finally new pictures on Oliver's page. Also two new silly hats.

26 Aug. 2002: New pictures and information on Oliver's page. In the future I'll not announce smaller changes there in this place.

17 Aug. 2002: Oliver has arrived!

3 Aug. 2002: New family pictures, that Vicky had scanned in ages ago but that were never uploaded here.

4 Mar. 2002: Added the forgotten new picture of Alex.

3 Mar. 2002: New family pictures, and two new pictures in the new house section.

We have been busy finishing our bedroom and putting new shelves into the office (lots more space now!). We'll try to document this change here soon.

1. Nov. 2001: New family pictures, new pictures of our house, one extra picture from our France trip, and a new silly hat


Pictures you will find on this site:

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Vicky & Holger